5 Holiday Gift Ideas For The BJJ Player in Your Life

Are you worried the grappler in your life will look up in disappointment as they open their BJJ related gift this year? Has the novelty of getting a sought after, limited edition Shoyoroll gi with the fancy colored collars worn off? Is the bar of Defense Soap you placed in the stocking still unopened? Don’t fret when it comes to figuring out new ideas on what to get the BJJ player in your life for Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa. Shopping for a loved one is hard, but so is ‘the feats of strength’ during Fesitvus. If the Black Friday gift sales on BJJ sites are more like “Blah Friday,” then consider these other ideas for BJJ related gift for the grappling enthusiast in your life.

Private Lessons: Does your loved one complain about his/her poor guard retention during dinner or before going to bed? Is there a mat bully that uses the same submission on your loved one over and over again? Private lessons can be the perfect gift to help solve these issues and stop the whining from your partner, spouse, or relative. Book a few private lessons with his/her favorite coach at the gym and this will be the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

A BJJ Vacation to Rio/Southern California/New York City: Have you ever wanted to go to an exotic and beautiful city to see the amazing sites and sounds? Luckily, many of the most visited cities in the world just happen to be BJJ hotbeds. Soak up the sun in Rio or So Cal or visit the museums and go shopping in New York City. During your stay, you can allow your loved one to go train in the morning or afternoon, before hitting the town together at night. This is a great win-win gift for everyone.

UFC Tickets: There are a number of UFC events in Las Vegas and all-around the world. If an event is coming to your town, then snag up tickets for the event. I would advise against floor seats since they are overpriced and it is hard to see the cage. The first level seats close to the center of the cage are the most ideal. If the main events falls through, the UFC will likely offer the option to refund the tickets.

UFC Fight Pass/Online Site Subscription: Does your loved one ever want to see the first Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn fight at 2 AM in the morning? Is there ever a yearning to study Marcelo Garcia’s X-Guard game during lunch? With modern day technology, that is now possible. UFC Fight Pass is $7.99 a month with a 12-month commitment which comes out to $95.88 for the year. Online BJJ sites such as MGinAction, BJJ Library, or AllGalvao.com which range from $150 to $250 a year.

Gift Card: Still don’t know what to get the fickle BJJ player in your life? When you have exhausted all of your options, just tap and get a gift card to an online retailer. BudoVideos.com, which sells videos, equipment, and live events streams sell gift cards. On The Mat also had gift cards as well. Some people have their own tastes and needs, so why bother. Just get a gift card and enjoy the holidays in peace!


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