5 Reasons To Start Training BJJ When You Move To A New Town

Moving to a new town is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start in life with the opportunity to totally reinvent yourself. At the same time, it can be very stressful with a new job, new town, learning how to get around, and finding a new social circle.

If you have always had the itch start training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but have never had the time, resources, or encouragement to give it a go, moving to a new town can be the perfect time to start training.

Here are five reasons why you should start training BJJ when you move to a new town.

It’s the perfect time for a new hobby.

When you are new to town, your life calendar is likely more open than it was before, which means you have more time to take on a new hobby. Maybe, you have always wanted to try BJJ, but never had the time or the right school in your previous town. Now you likely have the time and you can try out a few schools and pickup a hobby where you are learning something new, challenging yourself, and improving your physical and mental health.

You are going to join a gym anyway.

Chances are you probably worked out at your local YMCA, local health club, or your college’s student recreation center. While you can get a great workout at a gym like 24 Hour Fitness or Planet Fitness, the experience is impersonal and there isn’t very much social interaction between members. Also, unless you are paying extra for a personal trainer, you are just set free to tryout and use equipment in a manner where you may lack the proper form and technique to do it safely and correctly. So why not try a BJJ gym where there is more social interaction and more hands on training to help you towards your fitness and martial arts goals?

Moving and all the changes are stressful.

Moving to a new town is stressful. Starting a new job, finding a new place to live, getting your new life set up, and just getting to know the area can create a lot of anxiety for anybody. Training BJJ is a great way to sweat and relieve stress rather than letting it build up inside. From the warm ups to the drilling and rolling, you will get a total body workout that will help make your mind and body feel lighter and more clear during this stressful transition period.

Meet new friends

BJJ people are really friendly. Look past the cauliflower ears, tattoos, and shaved heads and you will find that people who train jiu-jitsu are generally more chill since they have worked out their stress and been humbled from the training process, where most people spend a good amount of time being the nail, rather than the hammer. Your new BJJ friends can help you build a new social circle to complement your other social circles in your new town and in the long run, meeting people in BJJ will be lighter on your wallet than hitting happy hours after work.

Better than going home to your empty apartment.

Being new to a town can be tough. After a long day of work and school, the only place to go is your apartment or home as you eat a few Hot Pockets and watch Netflix for the rest of the evening. Maybe you get crazy and play some Call of Duty. Let’s face it, sitting around your apartment by yourself can get lonely, boring, and repetitive. Again, instead of going home and being alone, why not head down to your local BJJ gym, meet people, and workout the stress of a new job and town?


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