5 Submissions That People Should Try More Often

So you are looking to up your game this year? Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you have many years’ experience and are looking to break a plateau. While this article is more geared for veterans it can also be helpful to new students as they can see what lies ahead in their journey. There are in Jiu Jitsu many very effective moves that just are not utilized as much as they should be. Some of these are used less than others, but in general if you are not practicing these submissions then you should.


  • Toe Hold– While this is probably one of the more common on the list I still feel like it is under-utilized. The great thing about the toe hold is that it is almost always available when passing,50-50 or in the scramble. However be aware that some people seem to have rubber feet…cough..cough.. Ciao Terra..


  • Wrist Lock– This one is tournament legal for almost everyone other than white belts and is very underutilized. It is available all over the place, and unlock the toe hold..no one has a rubber wrist.


  • Twister– This one is either loved or hated depending on who you ask. However, the twister is easier to get than you think. Once you start practicing, it becomes an easy transition from back mount and almost no one sees it coming.


  • Baseball/Suicide– When this is set up from guard and your opponent passes it can result in a crazy tight choke. This move was made famous by Magid Hage . Just be careful not to get your guard passed without ending the match.


  • RNC– Yes you read that right. I feel that when I watch people compete and train in the gi that the RNC is neglected. Most people go for Lepel chokes, but while your opponent defends the lepel; this is the perfect opportunity to go for the RNC. However this move is much more common in No-Gi.


What moves do you feel are under-utilized in Jiu Jitsu ?


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