Dojo Storming An Alleged Fake Black Belt

If you have a fake black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you had better not try to pass yourself off as a real black belt holder. This is because your dirty secret may be uncovered by some very smart people. This is what the Alleged Fake Black Belt found out the hard way recently.

Omar Serrano Alleged Fake Black Belt does not have a black belt in BJJ. Three years ago, he has a purple belt but his club was disbanded and there is no evidence that he moved up to black belt level. He is alleged to have bought a black belt from a certain Rogerio “Tatu” Taborda who was openly selling black belts for a while.

Serrano was teaching BJJ at a Martial Arts and Karate gym when he was stormed by one of his students. The student, Kevin “Cowboy” Killian, is an MMA Fighter with a respectable 3-1 record. Anyway, Kevin Killian confronted Omar Serrano and exposed him for what he was – an alleged impostor.



  1. Not cool, there are better ways to handle that than the way he did. He should have calmly pulled aside the guy behind the desk and informed him, instead of bursting in and being disruptive. Allow the proprietor to do his due diligence instead of being a belligerent disruption.

  2. I agree with Jared. The owner should be informed first in a nicer way, he trusted the fake black belt. The owner is a karate guy what does he know about BJJ governance?

  3. Forgive me if I look at this ‘evidence’ with a jaundiced eye…

    A rational way to address the allegations is to have some sort of actual proof (written, photo/video, documentation etc) to present as opposed to almost incoherent babbling interspersed with foul language and unsupported anecdotal accusations.

    There is NO logical or reasonable excuse for NOT speaking to the owner/proprietor privately instead of the depicted disruptive public manner which is displayed. UNLESS…you DON’T have actual proof and are more interested in becoming ‘famous’ via YouTube (which apparently is ALSO a failure as I’ve certainly never heard of Kevin The Cowboy Killian until this masterful Epose’….).

  4. You say the guy is a bjj cert with the ibjjf.. And be paid for his belt even so wh hasn’t paid for a belt in one manner or the other… Killian….are you a certified Jujitsu cop. Im very tired of these guys acting like cowgirl what ever… Cussing in front of students … Who cares.

  5. Being an accomplished Jujitsu instructor trainer fighter carries a certain weight of responsibility…on the matt and off the matt. Please Kevin take some time and check and recheck yourself this isn’t an appropriate way to act!


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