5 Types of Itches in Life You Will Scratch By Starting BJJ

Have you considered training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but have been hesitant on taking the plunge and taking a trial class. Maybe you have a friend who trains or are a fan of MMA and wondered “can I do that?” Everybody who trains on the mats has their own reasons for starting their BJJ journey. It all starts with a feeling or itch inside. Some itches are caused by a bug bite or allergic reaction. Here are 5 types of itches (not ringworm related) in life that BJJ can relieve:

You are scared: In our gym, we have had members join out of fear for their safety. Unfortunately, we live in a society where there is a real threat of violence ranging from random muggers to creepy guys that won’t take no for an answer. Two females started training after filing police reports against stalkers that continually followed and harassed them. While their initial intent was to learn basic self-defense in case they were confronted by their stalkers, both became empowered through training and developed a strong sense of self-confidence. Another member, a very friendly and small guy, joined after he was assaulted by a bully at a party. Within a year of joining the gym, he was training Muay Thai and BJJ and competing in BJJ competitions with a new sense of confidence and pride.

You are overweight or out of shape: You are on the high side of the BMI. Even though the BMI metric is outdated, you still know deep down that you want to be healthier and happier. You are constantly tired, get winded walking up the stairs, can’t get a date, and are worried about diabetes and a heart attack at only 30 years old. You also worry about going to a regular gym since you aren’t familiar with how to use the machines or exercises and are self-conscious of people staring and snickering at you. At a BJJ gym, you will have coaches and training partners who have a great amount of empathy and will provide constant  encouragement and support you as you reach your fitness goals.

You don’t do anything after work: You wake up, work, maybe catch happy hour and a few reality shows, then go to bed and repeat. This is existing, not living, and you are seeking something in life that will give your life meaning and fulfillment. Training in BJJ provides an opportunity to be around other positive people, exercise, learn something new, and set and reach new goals each day. Why go home to a TV dinner when you can go to a gym full of friends?

You are bored of the gym: Your gym routine is monotonous, full of plateaus, and boring. You show up, do two exercises per muscle, five sets for each exercise, and then finish up your routine with 20-minutes on the treadmill. You wear your ear buds the entire time and don’t really socialize with anybody during your one-hour workout in the gym. Despite dieting, switching up routines, and training more often, you don’t feel like you are getting any stronger or fitter. Why not try something new that is a full body workout in a much more engaging social setting?

You miss athletic competition: You were once an athlete, but then your athletic career ended after high school or college. You still had that competitive itch that your corporate sales job or other interests couldn’t scratch. You tried beer league softball, bowling, and flag football, but none of these activities fully scratch that competitive itch inside of you. In BJJ, you will have the chance to safely roll and spar with training partners on daily basis in a safe environment. If you want to take your training to the next level, you can compete with other practitioners in your same age, weight, and skill level.



  1. 6) You’re old, time has passed you by and you REGRET not doing something you always wanted to but never did back when you should have; so you start learning in order to pass on what you learn to your grandchildren.

    7) You want to extend your life as much as possible through exercise and drilling technique; you want to get as good as you can in the time you have left, however much time that may be.

    8) You want to walk a better path, learn to help people, influence your family and friends to learn to do the same things and become safer in the world at the same time.

    9) You’ve discovered an actual love of a real martial art.

    10) Because of that martial art, you’re fulfilling a dream you never knew you had; because of that dream there’s the possibility that when you are gone, people may remember you as a better human being than you were.


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