5’5″ Female Black Belt Absolutely Demolishes 6’1″ Male Challenger In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Match

A 5’5″ female black belt absolutely demolished her much bigger male challenger in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match.

Monica Brogan took on Jack Decyk, who had seven-inch height advantage and huge weight advantage over Monica. That didn’t stop her, however, from tapping him out with ease during their match.

Jack was not embarrassed by his loss, though. Quite the opposite. He wanted to everyone to see how superior technique could nullify a strength or size advantage.

That is not to say size and strength don’t matter in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They do. That’s why competitions have weight divisions.

However, if you have a big enough technique advantage — e.g., like the type of advantage a black, brown, or even a purple belt would have over a new white belt — even a massive size and strength advantage can turn out to be no advantage at all.

Check out the video below:



  1. In 1994 I was a Judo brown belt. White, Green, Brown, Brown, Brown, Black Belt. So I was a Sankyu which is a Judo equivalent to BJJ Purple Belt. I go to Rickson Gracie school in Los Angeles, CA to train for a week. I only have 8 months of Judo and I beat the crap out of all his Purple belts. I did not see anything at that time in BJJ that I did not see in Judo. But now that CSW, Sambo is being incorporated into Gracie Judo, BJJ has gotten better.


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