6 Judo Takedowns Bjjer’s Should Know

In an earleir article we talked about bjj and takedowns.
Why Don’t Bjj Guys Do Takedowns?

Instead of looking at judo and brazilian jiu-jitsu as completely different arts, bjj students should see them as complimentary and coming from the same original source.
True, the rules of each sport have diverged leading to a significant difference in the emphasis in each of the arts.
But the 2 disciplines are sisters.
Both use the principles of “ju”, leverage and emphasis on proper technique to overcome the opponent.

Grappling guru and instructor at the Renzo Grcaie Academy John Danaher says that bjj students will never achieve their true potential in bjj unless they corss train in judo and / or wrestling.
The Kodokan judo syllabus has 67 different throws but bjj guys need only know a handful to be effective from standing.

Here are 6 judo takedowns that bjj students should know:

1) Ippon Seoinage / shoulder throw
The highest scoring throw in international judo competition and the throw that Xande Ribeiro used to beat Roger Gracie in the finals of the Bjj Mundials Absolute.


2) Osotogari – Major Outer Reap
USA judo Olympian Jimmy Pedro shows how to use this big foot throw fro bjj’ers. This throw is also great for self defense situations!


3) Ko Uchi Gari – Minor Inner Reap
Many judo players use this thriow like a boxer uses a jab: To set up a larger technique.
One of Ronda Rousey’s favorite techniques.
* This is a GREAT technique for a much smaller person to use against a bigger, heavier opponent.

4) Ogoshi / Hip throw
When most people think of judo they think of high amplitude hip throws.
The Gracie Self Defense makes heavy use of the hip throw in all of its variations.



5) Ouchi Gari / Major Great Inner Reap
With or without a kimono, this is a highly effective leg trip.
Wrestlers Randy Couture and Yoel Romero love this throw and have used it in the UFC.


6) Tomoenage / Rear sacrifice throw
This technique is a great one for bjj guys who prefer to jump to guard to get a fight to the ground.
If you score with the throw and get 2 points and end up on top – Great!
You may also use a similar entry to attack flying armlock or just get the fight to the ground in your open guard.

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  1. Thank you. Very well spoken. I can also recommend that those interested search Amazon for dvd’s on Judo Throws for BJJ as there ARE some available.


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