Kids Fighting In Cages: Harmless Fun Or Dangerous?

At first glance, the phrase kids fighting in cages will automatically raise eyebrows. Cage fighting immediately conjures up images of adults brutally fighting to death. However, this is not the case with kids fighting in cages, as it is monitored sporting activity.

More About Kids Fighting In Cages

It is true that cage fighting at any level is a full contact combat sport. Still, as far as the children are concerned, there are special precautions that are put in place in order to ensure that injury and harm is kept to a minimum. The sport entails a mixture of boxing and wrestling – known as Mixed Martial Arts – and there are rules governing what is allowed, acceptable or off limits. There are even national competitions that allow children to compete and win prizes and medals. Both parents and children alike speak highly of cage fighting and recount the benefits they have enjoyed from participating in the sport.

Kid’s cage fighting supporters cite some of the following benefits:

– Increased Discipline And Focus

Children and their parents report that participating in this sport – due in large part to the martial arts component – has made them more in control of themselves, their focus and activities. They report being more focused on various tasks they may have to carry out such as homework, and being able to focus more during school. The enjoyment and fun of the sports is added incentive for making the children want to do all they need to in order to continue participating successfully.

– Learn Self-Defense

Through learning the necessary skills to be successful at cage fighting, children learn self-defense life skills from an early age. This is a plus all around.

Too Dangerous!

While there are obvious benefits that those children (and by extension their parents) experience from pursuing cage fighting as a sport, there are those who are completely against it as they see it as dangerous and counterproductive for children. It is the view of many – including professional adult fighters – that having kids participate in cage fighting is simply taking it too far. Nevertheless, the decision is up to the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children.


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