A 3-Year-Old Put A Boy In A Headlock & “Took Him Down” Because He Asked Her To Marry Him

Image Source: Kristen & Scott McFetridge via GMA

In what was surely one of the most brutal street fights ever seen in preschool, three-year-old Kynlee McFetridge got in a bit of trouble last month for putting her classmate in a headlock after he reportedly asked her to marry him.

Kynlee’s father, Scott, told Good Morning America that he started wrestling with Kynlee (who was born with a condition that required her to have open heart surgery at just five months old) to “help her gain strength and coordination,” but says he didn’t teach his daughter how to do a headlock. “I guess she figured out what I was doing and I didn’t really realize she learned it,” he told GMA.

Kynlee’s parents and teacher found the whole situation humorous, but ultimately, the little girl was reprimanded and placed in time-out. Thankfully, she and the little boy are still friends after their one-sided match.

Take a look at Kynlee explaining the situation to her mom:


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