A video was recently released from the Ellen D show with Rhonda Rousey. This video shows a completely new side of her to most of the fans. She actually received a lot of hate over this interview and from a psychological standpoint , it doesn’t make much sense.

Almost everyone who is critiquing her on her performance has never even came close to competing at that level. Internet warriors have appeared over many blogs including this one claiming that she “isn’t a true warrior” and that “she is washed up”. Let me explain something to everyone sitting on their couch; everyone who has ever fought has lost. Losing is part of the sport and it happens to everyone at some point.  The new hype train that replaced Rhonda , Conor McGregor , has in fact lost(and eventually will again). Do you remember Anderson silva ? He was also under a lot of pressure and lost twice in a row after being almost unstoppable. Let me reiterate, everyone loses.

Now let’s talk about everyone judging her for saying she wanted to “kill herself”. Have you ever lost a word title after being arguably the most hyped fighter in ufc history? Have you ever poured everything you had into fighting and martial arts your entire life and then had it stripped away in a single moment? Have you ever had fans whom once adored you and praised you for your performance turn on you; and then judge you on you only lose instead of your many victories? If you answered no to these questions then please sit back down on your couch and continue to support the fighters who go through emotions you know nothing about. The reality is that MMA fans like to jump to which ever fighter is doing the best at any particular time and never really support the person behind the mask.



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