A Woman Allegedly Punched Felice Herrig In The Face In Las Vegas

Imagine 1. getting so angry with someone that you felt the need to punch them in the face and 2. punching that person and having it turn out that they’re a UFC fighter.

One woman in Las Vegas reportedly did just that over the weekend following a verbal altercation with UFC fighter Felice Herrig. According to Herrig, the incident started when the woman “stopped [foot] traffic over a penny” and Herrig called her out for it. The woman then got angry with Herrig, and the verbal altercation escalated into a physical one as the woman then punched Herrig in the face, giving her a bloody nose.

Herrig claims that she then returned a punch, but didn’t want to further injure or knee or mess up her hair, so she didn’t get “too violent.” She says the woman then ran off.

Herrig shared a photo post-punch, showing that she got a bloody nose from the incident.

“Vegas sucks !!! Some chick got mad at me for giving her shit over stopping traffic over a penny.
She then proceeded to punch me in the face.
I punched her back but didn’t want to be too violent bc I was protecting my knee and hair.
She ran off like a little bitch.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

We may never know what became of the woman who punched a professional MMA fighter and lived to tell the tale, but hopefully she learned her lesson about getting violent over petty arguments.


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