ADCC 2017 Location Now Confirmed!

Jorge Láscar/ Flickr Creative Commons

The ADCC 2017 Location Confirmed. There has been much speculation about where the thrilling event will be held. Finally, after many rumors, the news of the location broke on Monday. It is know known that Helsinki, Finland is where the ADCC 2017 World Event will take place.

It will be held at the Espoo Metro Areena in the latter part of 2017. This is the third time that the ADCC will be held in Europe. In 2009, it was held in Spain and took place in the UK in 2011. There was talk about the event possibly taking place in Japan, but with this solid confirmation, it is now known that this is not case.

However, the ADCC also announced that the 2019 World Event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. At this time, it has not been confirmed. Fans are certain to want updates about the exciting upcoming event.


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