Romulo Barral: ‘To Be The Best You Have To Be Willing To Pay The Price’

Photo by: Kitt Canaria

Romulo Barral is a five time world champion, and regarded as the world’s best jiu jitsu medium heavyweight. In a recent interview, he likened achieving excellence in jiu jitsu to achieving excellence in other fields, such as law and medicine. He pointed out that, to succeed in any worthwhile endeavor, you have to be ready to work hard and sacrifice. Also, he emphasized the importance of remaining humble. This, he said, is a problem for some martial arts practitioners, who take a macho, egotistical approach to their training.

“My advice for someone they’re really, really, want to be really good jiu-jitsu or become a world champion, it’s very simple to become a world champions means that you’re going to be the best so you’re going to be the best on your weight class, the best in your belt.  It’s not different than being the best in another thing.  If you want to be the best doctor, want to be the best lawyer, what you need to do?  You need to study, you need to put work in and Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not different, it’s not different.  It’s the same, it is the same idea with the different concepts . So in Brazil jujitsu to become a world champion, it’s a lot of thing, they’re going to put together. like they have phase in their life.  I told my guys a lot of people they can be like a world champion in a color belt but how many people they can be a world champion as a black belt you know what I mean?  How many people.  How many people they can be the best in the gym?  Those people, those people there that want to be the best and those people they’re willing to pay the price to be the best and then pay the price should be the best is put to work, put a lot of work on it.  like talking about the world champion.  like it’s a lot of work hard.  Focus.  And then, like as less ego you can have as much improve you can get.  I know it’s something really hard, special for people that want to be a world champion, most of them has a big ego. like and then this is a part of the process of learning and become the best. so my advice is training, open mind to improve and then as less ego as you can.  And then you put everything together.  You put everything together plus of course everybody knows you need to do is train condition, you need to do like a food, you need diet, yea of course this is a part of athlete life.  But what the most important is your mindset to do all this and then another thing that I truly believe that is very important is how you carry yourself, how you approach to people to become the best in something, you really need to be kind of, you need to be humble.  And then all those things, you gonna help you reach your goal because you don’t want to be somebody that people would cheer against you.  Even if you go against somebody know that *Inaudible* you want them cheer for you then they’ll weigh the *inaudible* for you.  And then I believe all those things it’s all them together that’s what’s going to open all the doors for you success accomplish your goal to become the best.  So it’s not only like okay, you go in the gym and then you train all day.  Yes that’s good.  You’re going to improve technique like you do that would be kind.  No you go, like the, you, just believe and then you get what you want.  You know like it’s something that I’m tell you one thing can always not, its just for a few like.  It’s like I said you know like to become a world champion.  In a color belt, a lot of people can do that as a black belt, it’s just few guys they can.  You know manage to do that especially in those days, there is competition, it’s getting big and big and hard hard so it’s work.”

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