ADCC 2022 São Paulo Trials Results – Fabricio Andrey And Gutemberg Pereira Win With 100% Sub Rate

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The 2nd South American ADCC Trials in Sāo Paulo, Brazil, took place on Saturday and a new list of names have qualified for the 2022 ADCC World Championship roster.

Division Winners

-60kg: Mayssa Bastos

+60kg: Giovanna Jara

66kg: Fabricio Andrey

77kg: Roberto Jimenez 

88kg: Alexandre De Jesus

-99kg: Henrique Ceconi Cardoso 

+99kg: Gutemberg Pereira

The number of competitors at this round of trials was far larger than the first. The 66kg division had 67 competitors, 77kg had 99, 88kg had 73, 99kg had 47,+99kg had 30, Women’s -60kg had 28, and Women’s +60kg had 19. The event held nearly 300 matches in total.

66kg winner Fabricio Andrey and +99kg winner Gutemberg Pereira won their divisions with a 100% submission rate. Also among the list of bracket winners was Roberto Jiminez, who made the weight cut down to 77kg and came away with 4 submissions out of 6 hard matches. He now joins a very stacked division in Las Vegas. After his finals victory, he told FloGrappling “I came here and confirmed my ticket in… The main mission this year is ADCC.”

19-year old Giovanna Jara won the women’s +60kg division as a purple belt with 3 submissions out of her 4 matches. Additionally, Mayssa Bastos won the -60kg division with 2 subs in 4 matches.

ADCC 2022 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 17-18.


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