ADCC North American Trials Results

Photo by: Tom Deblass

The US ADCC Trials Results were wonderful with Tom DeBlass winning in the same event that he organized. The trials were super exciting and full of adrenaline for all parties that were involved. Even Nicky Ryan, the 15-year-old wonder, took down a few competitors in his journey. Nicky was taken down in the semi-finals by Jason Hayden, but the fact that he was able to compete with the adults was wonderful. He got a few submissions during his time, and he will become even more fierce in skill as he grows older.
Tom DeBlass was highly excited about his win against Jimmy Friedrich and his opportunity to get to the world championships. He was thanking God and all of his relatives for his victory. This is the third time he has gotten this far, and he felt that he should thank all of his supporters for standing by him as long as they did. Justin Rader beat Jason Hayden in the 66kg competition. Mansher Khera beat Oliver Taza in the 77 kg event. James Brasco beat Mathew Tesla in the 88kg event. Elliot Kelley won against Daniel O’Brien in the 99 kg match. The entire event was adrenaline packed and exciting.


-66kg: Justin Rader (Rafael Lovato)
-77kg: Mansher Singh Khera (Marcelo Garcia)
-88kg: James Brasco (Moncaio Brothers)
-99kg: Eliot Kelly (Yemaso)
+99kg: Tom DeBlass (Ricardo Almeida)


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