Adult Website Will Stream MMA Event Where You Pay Fighters To Use Your Finishing Moves

Mixed martial arts is already a pretty wild event. Think about it; you have two people in a cage beating each other bloody for the entertainment of a live, equally wild, and probably drunken audience.

Case in point…

But it appears someone looked at cage fighting and said to him or herself, “What can I do to make this sport even wilder?”

The answer: stream it through a porn site, have viewers pay to get fighters to do certain finishing moves, and end it with a special “ring girl” (i.e., cam girl) bonus show.

That’s exactly what Cam Soda Legends will be doing on April 26 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The event will be headlined by two former UFC fighters: former Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez and Light Heavyweight Alex Nicholson.

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett will appear in the co-main event…because why not?

Here’s how the fights work according to the :

For the first-time ever, fans will be able to directly interact with fighters in real-time. As the fights occur, fans watching the livestream will be able to determine bonus money and provide extra incentive for specific finishing moves.

In other words, if you want the fighter to end the match with a flying, reverse baratoplata (if such a move even exists), you send him money in order to encourage him to do so.

As far as the bonus show with the ring girls/cam girls…well, I don’t think that needs much explanation.

Although, Cam Soda’s unusual spelling of “bantamweight” does…


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