Aikido Guy Dominates A Fully Resisting BJJ Practitioner In Sparring


  1. I suspect that isn’t a legit BJJ blue belt. Also, if you check the rest of that Aikido master’s videos, they’re all conveniently him “owning” a bunch of also-suspect higher level BJJ practitioners.

  2. He’s not using any “ki” no touch techniques……. solid foot work and a botched wrist throw…. Also, did anyone catch that arm drag attempt at 1:40? I would suspect he has an alternate grappling background, like judo, as well as Aikido. but needless to say, if Aikido was more like this (based on just this video) I would take it much more seriously.

  3. Assuming the Aikido guy was a black belt, he’s facing a BJJ blue belt. How long has the blue-belt trained? What other arts has the BB trained in? I’m not saying that Aikido is useless, but I’d like to see him against a known-legit BJJ black-belt. I think we’d see a completely different match. I also think that a competent Judo BB would has had this gentleman on his back in a matter of seconds.

  4. This blue belt isn’t much of a wrestler. Which is fine when you practice Jiu Jitsu but I also get the impression the Aikido guy was taking this way more serious.


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