Aikido Tested Against MMA Fighter – Real Sparring


  1. Excellent attitudes by both guys. The Akido guy has lots of courage getting in there knowing he doesn’t know what the F to do. The MMA guy has a super helpful attitude and this type of friendly, respectful interaction is one of the reasons proper martial arts training is so good for people. Great job!

  2. I’ve got mad hella respect for the Aikido guy to be so humble and honest. I trained traditional Taekwondo nearly 15 years, was a 10 time state champion and became a world champion. “5th defree”lol, But when I went to the miletich fighting Center I got beat by a guy with no legs. I change my training up and ended up becoming a professional mixed martial artist I dedicated myself to MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and run a full-time Academy now. I feel like I wasted 15 years and I tell everybody to either wrestle or do Jiu Jitsu don’t waste your time with anything else.


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