Aj Agazarm Gets Slapped In The Face, Opponent Disqualified At IBJJF European Open

Aj Agazarm vs Muslim Patsarigov At IBJJF European Open No-Gi 2017

If you are an established jiu-jitsu fighter, you expect to get thrown around a bit, perhaps even injured. However, you probably don’t expect your opponent to slap you across the face, although this is exactly what happened to Agazarm recently at the European No-Gi Open Championship. Muslim Patsarigov, in response to what seemed to be a headbutt by Agazarm, makes the decision to retaliate and Aj Agazarm gets slapped in the face, to the amusement and surprise of the spectators.


  1. I would have just returned his head butt with one of my own. Can’t let dirty bullshit get under your skin; an eye for an eye.


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