AJ Agazarm On Jake Shields Unsportsmanlike Behavior

The Polaris 3 match between AJ Agarazarm and Jake Shields ended on a sour note. Leading into the match, both competitors were engaged in a heated back-and-forth. The match itself quickly became an afterthought as immediately after, a brawl almost ensued. Aj Agazarm’s attempt to shake Jake Shield’s hand was rebuffed, making him slightly irritated. AJ shoved Jake back and Shields countered with a Stockton slap before the two fighters were separated. In a Facebook post, a statement by AJ Agazarm on Jake Shields calls on the latter to apologize to the entire grappling community for his “unsportsmanlike behavior. AJ emphasized that he faced Jake head on, that he didn’t run and that Jake was somehow a lesser man for being unable to deliver a win.

Regardless of who was in the right or who was wrong, it will be interesting to see how this simmering feud plays out as both competitors eke out a career in fight sports.

AJ Agarazarm: “Competition doesn’t BUILD character; it REVEALS character….and all of you saw Jake’s character revealed tonight…

As a member of the grappling community, I apologize for Jake Shields’ behavior…..

I know I’m speaking for everyone here when I call upon you to apologize for your unsportsmanlike behaviour, and to admit you were wrong….
Your “easy night” didn’t end in victory
I didn’t stall or run
I came right at you and




To the fans, Polaris is VIBRANT! They are revolutionizing the sport and getting it done. They are working for the community! There’s a reason why I’m here and you can count on me to always stand my ground and bring the show. Thank YOU all for a memorable night and another one for the record books.”


Competition doesn’t BUILD character; it REVEALS character….and all of you saw Jake’s character revealed tonight…As…

Posted by AJ Agazarm on Saturday, April 2, 2016


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