The Exciting Match Between Garry Tonon Vs Rousimar Palhares

The fight between Garry Tonon and Rousimar Palhares was agreed to be a submission-only match. Thus, the American and the Brazilian launched every attack with the intent of taking the other down for a decisive move. Both displayed great technique on offense and defense. In the end, they proved to be more evenly matched than most people thought.

Coming into the fight, the Brazilian was the favored side because of his strength and experience in Jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts in general. However, the young American is no slouch being a black belt himself and his prowess on the mat was on full display the whole time. He was the aggressor who showed no fear.

Tonon came close to the submission he worked so hard for but Palhares was simply too slick. The latter would time and again break free, even reversing the situation. In the end, both stood tall to the approval of the crowd.


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