Let’s take a look at the Polaris 3 Full Results

Polaris 3 is one of the biggest events in grappling. Practitioners from all over the world came together to test their skills against the best in the business. Let’s take a look at the Polaris 3 Full Results.

Starting with the undercard matches–Keith Mckenzie scored a win over Jeff Lawson via palm to palm choke while Greg Creelfought Vinicious de Castro to a draw. Alain Pozo overcame Micah Atkinson via inside heel hook, Ben Dyson won over Travis Newaza using a kimura lock and Adam Adshead eked out a draw versus Phil Harris.

Now for the main cards.

Garry Tonon of Renzo Gracie Academy against Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares of Team Nogueira

This no-gi match resulted in a draw as both fighters exchanged amazing submission moves and counters. A true technical showdown that all fight fans should watch and learn from.

AJ Agazarm of Gracie Barra against Jake Shields (of Cesar Gracie JJ

Another no-gi match that showcased the incredible talent of both competitors. Jake Shields pressured AJ Agazarm for almost the entire match but AJ kept on wriggling his way out of tight situations. A brief spat after the end of the fight forced staff to keep both fighters separated.

Augusto “Tanguinho” Mendes of Soul Fighters against Eddie Cummings of Renzo Gracie Academy

This no-gi match ended in a draw as both fighters tried and failed to land varied submission attempts.

Bruno Frazatto of Team Nogueira versus Gianni Grippo of Alliance NY

A gi match that resulted in a draw. Both fighters are formidable double guard position players, resulting in an almost monotonous match.

Gezary Matuda from ATT against Laurence Fouillat of Ribeiro JJ

A closely contested gi match against two very dissimilar styles that ended with a draw. Gezary seemed content to apply pressure and exert control against the more defensive and older Laurence.

Jonathan Satave of Alliance NY against Darragh O’Connaill of East Coast Academy

A tight match featuring Jonathan’s aggressive top game and Darragh’s savvy defense. This gi match ended in a draw though both fighters had chances to win it.

Geo Martinez of 10th Planet against Luiz Tosta of London Shootfighters

Although ending in a draw, it was a good match between two intelligent and experienced grapplers. Geo tried to push the pace but ultimately came short against Tosta’s resilient defense.

Joao Miyao of Unity/PSLPB against Yukinori Sasa of Paraestra

Miyao showed his dominance during this gi match although Yuknori managed to survive and end out a draw.


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