Alarming Video: Little Kids Fighting MMA And Getting Knocked Out

A disturbing video has surfaced on the Internet of little children fight MMA in a world that is rapidly changing. The video is from a show known as Akhmat Fight Show. Shot on Tuesday 4th October, the fight was dubbed the Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 Finals and  was held at the Sport Hall Coliseum in Grozny, Russia. It is quite perturbing to watch two eight year old kids in a boxing ring with adult viewers and supporters around them cheering and encouraging them to knock each other out.

10 years old

The two seemingly young boys, are seen to keep punching each other in the face till one of them gets knocked out. Whether they are enjoying the attention or not is any one’s guess. The world where children played with toys is coming to an end, now young boys are strapping on leather mitts and fighting on the ring, something we thought was preserved for professional boxing athletes.

8 Years old


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