Aleksei Oleinik With Another Ezekiel Choke From The Bottom At UFC 224

Aleksei Oleinik has just won his 53rd professional fight at the age of 40 years old. He finished Junior “Baby” Albini with his signature ezekiel choke from the bottom.

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The first round started off with a cut to Oleinik’s right eye, and a second bleeder over his top left brow. After a clench in the middle of the octagon, Albini took Oleinik to the ground, but it was already too late. He didn’t notice the ezekiel set up until it was too late for him to defend.

This ezekiel submission makes the eleventh one Oleinik has used to finish a fight. Bloody, but victorious, this win solidifies Oleynik’s place in the heavyweight top 10.


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