All About Heel Hooks

I watched the most recent Eddie Bravo Invitational EBI 8 and saw a competition characterized by many quick finishes, the majority of which were heel hooks.

Let’s take a closer look at these leg locks which are banned in IBJJF rules but evidently both very dangerous and effective.

1) Let us begin by looking at the various control positions. The different ways that the legs can be entangled.

A Guide To The Main Leglock Positions: Ashi Garami, Saddle, Leg Knot, 50/50, Outside Ashi
Professor Gustavo Gasperin demonstrates and explains how to identify the 5 main Leglock positions.

2) The Danaher Death Squad has achieved notoriety within the BJJ world for their leg lock system.

Tristar gym head coach Firas Zahabi takes us through a tutorial on the inside and outside heel hook variations.

Leg Lock Tutorial and Training with Eddie Cummings

3) So you want to train heel hooks but are concerned about how to train it safely for both you and your partner?

Grapplearts has this great advice on how to add it to your training.

How to Train the Heel Hook Safely

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