Benson Henderson Vs Jay J Pages In Fight To Win Pro 12 Co-Main

Former WEC and UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson is scheduled to appear in the co-main event at this week’s Fight To Win Pro 12.

His opponent?

Jay J Pages, the founder and CEO of Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA.

Finally got my fight poster! Check it out! #F2WPRO12 CO main event Jay J Pages vs Benson Henderson Saturday in Scottsdale! Get tickets

Posted by Jay J Pages on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fight To Win Pro 12 will be going down live from the West World in Scottsdale. The event will be headlined by a rematch between Talita Alencar and Mackenzie Dern.

If you can’t make it to Phoenix, you can watch the event live through FloGrappling.

Here are all of the matches scheduled on the card.

Main Event: Female Lightweight Black Belt Title
Mackenzie Dern (Gracie Humatia Megaton) Vs Talita Alencar (Alliance)

Co-Main Event: 175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Benson Henderson (Mma Lab) Vs Jay Pages (Caio Terra BJJ)

Black Belt 205lbs Gi
Steve Judson (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) Vs Shannon Ritch (Cannon Bjj)

Black Belt 210 No-Gi
Thiago Ximenes (Soul Fighters) Vs Daniel Madrid (Gracie Fighting Systems)

Black Belt 195lbs BJJ
Andrew Gardineer (One Jiu Jitsu) Vs Beau Trioblet (Shawn Hammonds)

Black Belt 165lbs No-Gi
Issa Able (One Love Jiu Jitsu) Vs David Farias (Caio Terra BJJ)

190lbs Black Belt Bjj
Daniel Hampton (Power MMA) Vs Diogo Moreno (Soul Fighters)

Black Belt 205lbs No-Gi
Kevin Nicasio (10 Th Planet) Vs Jose Munoz (Ares BJJ)

Black Belt Bjj145lbs
Chris Cariso (Ralph Gracie BJJ) Vs Michael Garcia (Fabio Santos BJJ)

Black Belt Gi Super Heavy Weight
Carlos Farias (Carlos Farias BJJ) Vs David Blau (Ares)

185lbs Black Belt BJJ
Logan Jewell (Lotus Club) Vs Daniel Grippaudo (BJJ Revolution)

Blacks 225lbs No-Gi
JJ Pugsley (Factory X Colorado) Vs Shawn Durfee (Academy Portland)

167 Black Belt BJJ
Christian Broadnax (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) Vs Joey Medina (Megaton BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt BJJ
David Reily (Undisputed) Vs Johnathan Van Buren (Ares)

Brown Belt Nogi 160lbs
Aaron Wilson (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) Vs Paris Stanford (Carlos Faria BJJ)

Female Gi Brown 115lbs
Lesliee Gardineer (De Boa Jiu Jitsu) Vs Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra)

195lbs Brown Belt Gi
Horlando Montiero (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) Vs Andre Almedia (Gracie Barra)

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Michael Kaplan (Gracie Arizona) Vs Matt Mamolen (Nava Ares)

178lbs Brown Belt BJJ
Keenan Thomas (GDBJJ) Vs Mattayeo Gilete (Power MMA)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Josh Rodriguez (Gustavo Dantas) Vs Steyeyle Levine (10th Planet)

11l5bs Purple Belt No-Gi
Maria Henderson (Mma Lab) Vs Mikeala Carpenter (Power MMA)

180 Purple Belt No-Gi
John Naylor (Oni Waza) Vs Master Gator (Nava BJJ)

Purple Belt 208lbs Gi
Kevin Lepert (Gustavo Dantas Bjj) Vs Andres Alcantar (Atos)

Purple 175lbs No-Gi
Jake Watson (Power MMA) Vs Jr Redfox (10 Th Planet)

160lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Tyson Antillion (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) Vs Nicholas Larosa (TnT MMA)

Kids Yellow 110 Gi
Jameea Gunn (Lotus Club) Vs Nina Sandoval (Carlson Gracie)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original version of this article stated the event would happen at the Desert Vista.  


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