An Autistic Teen Is Learning Jiu-Jitsu After Being Attacked

The emotional toll from being bullied or attacked can be serious, and many victims are left feeling helpless when they learn they don’t have the necessary tools to defend themselves in cases of physical violence.

Powers Martial Arts Academy stepped up to the plate to help a 17-year-old boy named Nick, who has autism. Nick was brutally attacked by another boy at the Polaris Career Center in Ohio, and although the boy who attacked him is being charged with assault, the issue remained of how to help build Nick’s confidence and teach him the skills he needed to defend himself. As it turns out, jiu-jitsu may have been just what Nick needed.

Local news station WYKC Channel 3 aired a segment about Nick and his participation in jiu-jitsu. Take a look and send good vibes to Nick as he continues on his jiu-jitsu journey!


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