Maggie Grindatti of “The Borgs” Earns Black Belt After No-Gi Worlds Win

Champion black belt and coach Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu celebrated his birthday on December 20th by bestowing the ultimate gift on one of his star pupils, fiance and brown belt Maggie Grindatti. After her gold medal winning performance at No-Gi Worlds earlier this month, a competition she’s dominated since blue belt in 2016, Abreu tied the black belt on Grindatti.

“The Borgs,” as they’re known on the social medias, were also celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Abreu’s own ascension to black belt.

Grindatti collected about a half dozen other titles in her relatively short time at brown belt, including Pans No-Gi and a Kasai belt.

Congratulations to a new force to be reckoned with in the women’s black belt divisions.


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