An Overview Of Polaris Pro 2 Full Results

Polaris cards are arguably the best submission grappling events to be held in Europe, and they showcase an intriguing selection of MMA legends and top class grapplers. The dust has finally settled on Polaris 2, and it certainly lived up to the hype. The combatants put on a great show, and there were plenty of submissions to entertain the fans. Also, the Flograppling livestream worked a treat. Here are the Polaris Pro 2 full results:

-Gianni Grippo defeated Tom Barlow, via heel hook.
-Luca Anacoretta defeated Pedro Bessa, via Triangle choke.
-Vitor Ribeiro took ten minutes to beat Daisuke Nakamura, via Collar choke.
-Robson Moura drew with Baret Yoshida.
-Daniel Strauss drew with AJ Agazarm in an eventful contest. After the match, AJ called out Keenan Cornelius to face him at Polaris 3.
-Eddie Cummings required less than two minutes to beat Reilly Bodycomb, via heel hook.
-Garry Tonon took under two minutes to beat Imanari, via inverted heel hook.
-Gezary Matuda needed just ten seconds to beat Michelle Nicolini, via jumping armbar. The technique used to clinch victory was reminiscent of Davi Ramos. This win should see five time world champion Matuda gain a lot more fans.

During the past year and a half, submission grappling has witnessed a marked rise in popularity. The Eddie Bravo Invitational and Metamoris have attracted considerable publicity to the sport. Developing brands, such as Polaris Pro, FIVE Grappling and Submission Series Pro have added fuel to the fire by hosting exciting shows like this.



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