Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva Defeats Derek Brunson Via Unanimous Decision

Anderson “The Spider” Silva, considered by many to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, has finally snapped his 5-fight no-win streak.

Silva took on Derek Brunson, eight years his junior. The fight started out slow, with both fighters feeling each other out. Brunson seemed timid while striking, not seeming to commit to anything he threw. Anderson, as always, stayed calm, like a cobra ready to strike.

Later on in the round, though, Silva began chasing his opponent with punches and even ended the round with a missed flying knee that put him on his back.

The second and third round told similar tales, with neither fighter wanting to do anything reckless.

Silva nailed some counters, but Derek seemed to do most of the work, landing some heavy uppercuts in the clinch and taking Anderson down a couple of times in the fight.

The judges, however, were more impressed with Silva’s performance, and handed him in the unanimous decision.

At the end of the round, Silva joked about being too old to fight, but still insisted that fighting was his life. Now, though, it’s all about fighting “happy” for him.

Winner by unanimous decision: Anderson “The Spider” Silva!


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