First Ever UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion: Germaine De Randamie!!!

History has been made tonight in Brooklyn, ladies and gentlemen! Germaine de Randamie is the new UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

De Randamie took on former Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm, famous for being the first woman to defeat Ronda Rousey.

All five of the rounds followed the same format. Germaine held the center of the cage, Holly signaled each one of her punch-punch-kick attacks with a huge karate yell, and de Randamie countered with a one-two. Holm, then pressed de Randamie against the cage and worked for a takedown while both fighters exchanged some knees.

Controversy injected itself into the second and third round. Germaine landed what looked like a huge punch after the buzzer (though she claimed it was on the buzzer) that wobbled Holm. At the end of the third round, she landed not one, but two huge punches that were clearly after the buzzer. Much to the chagrin of color commentators Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier, referee Todd Anderson simply gave her a warning.

Had she been given the point deduction, she may have tied or even lost the match. However, she didn’t, and now Germaine de Randamie is the new and first ever UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

The crowd was not happy about it, either. Shouts of “f*ck you” were heard throughout the arena as UFC President Dana White wrapped the featherweight strap around de Randamie’s waist.

Another person who did not look too happy in the arena was Invicta Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg” who many thought should have been given the shot for the title.

However, there is little doubt de Randamie and Cyborg will cross paths soon.

Until then, Germaine de Randamie can safely call herself the UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.



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