Andre Galvao Promoted His Sister-In-Law To Black Belt After She Won Gold At World Masters

A heartwarming family moment took place on the podium at the IBJJF World Master Championship, and now, the famous Galvao family has added another black belt to their ranks.

Gina Contel Galvao — who trains under and is married to Andre Galvao’s brother, Gustavo — earned gold at this year’s World Masters. However, the accomplished brown belt was not expecting to go back home to Barcelona with another incredible achievement: earning her BJJ black belt. That’s exactly what happened, though, when Andre promoted her as she stood on the podium.

Andre shared a moving video of the moment on Instagram:

Gina also acknowledged the special milestone, sharing the video on her own account with the caption:
“2 x WORLD MASTER CHAMPION and New BLACK BELT!! It was just wonderful. A dream come true since I was a very new white belt, when back home no one knew about Jiu Jitsu yet and everything looked so far, almost anattainable.
During the last years I had great experiences and opportunities, learning from the very bests, but having ups and downs, battling to keep strong. I also saw so many champions (that proudly call team mates) being promoted in the podium and was so awesome. I was aiming to feel that joy too. It finally came, I can’t still believe it. I understood that we must Believe. I felt great and confident today.

“I’m so grateful for @galvaobjj to take valuable time to make this moment be priceless. Him and @angelicagalvaoalways take good care of me and enforce my beliefs, as @mendesbrosdo every time I spend some time at their academy. I’m so proud to represent you all and feel blessed to have you by my side. 
It could just have been better if 
@ggalvaobjj could be here, but I know how much he’s part of this ”


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