Andre Pederneiras Co-founder Of jiu-jitsu And MMA Team Nova Uniao Will Retire This Year As Head Coach


Andre Pederneiras Told

“I will continue to teach them in the gym, to follow them in the gym, but I want to stop being the head coach,”

Photo by: Marcelo Alonso
Photo by: Marcelo Alonso

Andre Pederneiras, who is regarded to be one of the best coaches in MMA today, has decided that he will no longer be seen at the fighters’ corners in 2016. The co founder of jiu jitsu and MMA team Nova Uniao and the president of Shooto Brazil, the man has a very busy schedule, helping dozens of fighters compete all around the world. Among his students are UFC and Bellator stars Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, and Junior dos Santos. After such a lengthy and impressive career, he has decided to step away from being a head coach at Nova Uniao.

He has said that he will continue to teach his students in the gym, and to follow them in the gym, but he wants to stop being the main coach there. He believes that others in the gym can help take care of the situation, with everyone capable of providing something different for the group. He has said that he does not want to show any type of favoritism, and believes that this is the right decision when it comes to keeping up with his busy lifestyle.


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