Andrei Arlovski Wins Over Browne At UFC 187

This must be the wildest fight in the heavyweight division! Arlovski caught Browne with a punch that rocked Browne. Browne tried to moved back to recover but Andrei Arlovski is all over him, Browne manage to survive and they both backed away from the cage and continued to strike. Arlovski landed a big punch again that hurt Browne, but Browne recovered and survived the rage but then he got caught again with a back fist.

Arlovski tried to finish but instead he got caught with a big counter that dropped him. Browne tried to finish but Arlovski got back to his feet and went back to attack mode. After a back and forth fight Finally Arlovski landed a big shot on Browne that referee had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Arlovski Won by TKO


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