Anibal Braga Earns Red And White Belt 39 Years After Becoming A Black Belt

The road to black belt is a long one, but for many people, the road after black belt is far longer.

Such is the case for Anibel Braga, who earned his red and white belt yesterday from Grandmaster Amelio Arruda Oriente after eight years as a red and black belt. Before earning his red and black belt, Braga says he spent 31 years as a black belt.

The IBJJF regulations for belt promotions mandate that jiu-jitsu practitioners spend a minimum of 31 years at the black belt level before progressing to red and black, then another seven years at the red and black level before advancing to red and white. Considering how many years it can take to earn the rank of black belt, reaching this promotion truly is a lifetime achievement.

Here’s the video that Braga posted of the unforgettable moment:

31 anos de preta 8 de coral e hj vermelha e branca minha hora chegou e devo tudo ao Gran mestre Amelio Arruda Oriente até o meu ultimo dia

Posted by Anibal Braga Braga on Saturday, December 22, 2018


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