Another Example of Why You Need to Understand BJJ for Street Fighting and Self Defense

Flickr/Creative Commons: Fort Bragg

The title of the following video below is misleading since there isn’t any actual technical Jiu Jitsu being displayed in this street fight. However, the fight does go to the ground, where both combatant’s lack of grappling fundamentals and skills becomes evident. The footage provides further proof that knowing basic grappling fundamentals could mean the difference between walking away with a few bumps and bruises or getting seriously injured in a self-defense situation. A trained Jiu Jitsu practitioner would have been able to escape a bad position and gain an advantageous position in very efficient manner in order to neutralize his/her opponent and end the confrontation.

Here are 5 points in this video where knowing how to grapple would have benefited the two combatants in the video. Since one guy is wearing a red shirt and the other is sporting a white shirt, I have named the two fighters Redman and Casper, respectively.

1.:06 seconds into the video, Redman pulls himself into a position to secure a guillotine on Casper, but forgets to close his guard. By not closing the guard, Casper is then able to mount Redman which eventually leads to a massive amount of ground and pound from the mount position. The outcome of the fight would have been very different if Redman just watched this video by BJJ legend Marcelo Garcia on guillotine fundamentals.

2. :12 seconds into the video, Casper now has mount on Redman, but is still stuck in a guillotine choke that is low risk, but could still be very painful. Casper struggled for several seconds as he tried to figure out how to break the guillotine choke. If he knew the Von Flue choke, he would have been able to apply enough pressure on Redman escape the hold and possibly put Redman to sleep to end the fight.


3. At :32 seconds, Casper escaped the guillotine choke and is throwing down punches on Redman from the mount position. Casper’s mount position is not very stable and is very loose, presenting many opportunities for Redman to recover his guard or sweep Casper. However, he doesn’t have any grappling skills which caused him to take a number of blows to the head. If Redman watched the video below and drilled the movements by Henry Akins, he may have been able to defend the blows and sweep Casper.

4. At :44 seconds, Redman turns belly down, giving Casper the ability to choke him from behind. Giving up your back by turning to turtle is a very dangerous position since Redman is no longer able to see what Casper is doing and Casper now has the opportunity to throw blows to the back of the head and apply chokes.

5. Redman is caught in a standing rear naked choke, which is very scary and dangerous. He doesn’t know how to defend the choke and is nearly choked unconscious. In the video below, Draculino demonstrates how to defend against an attacker who chokes you from behind.


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