Anthony Bourdain Earns Blue Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Photo/facebook: Anthony Bourdain

Congratulations to Anthony Bourdain @anthonybourdain for achieving his #bjj blue belt from Professor Igor Gracie @igorgracie at the Renzo Gracie @renzograciebjj Academy in NY!!

Most people know Anthony Bourdain as a celebrity chef. Likewise, he has hosted a couple of television programs in the past. Not everyone realizes that him and his wife love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, though. Bourdain recently posted a photo on Instagram that proved his dedication to BJJ. In fact, the photo showed Bourdain wearing his newly earned blue belt.

Bourdain and his wife have been practicing BJJ for quite some time now. A lot of his most dedicated fans know as much. However, it’s a less commonly known fact to the general public. Don’t forget to check out the photo as Anthony Bourdain earns blue belt in BJJ!

Hardest I’ve ever worked at ANYTHING in my life . Thank you my professor @igorgracie @renzograciebjj Now the work begins!

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