Why ANYONE should do BJJ; top 10

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. I’m sitting on the mats whipping up this article as I think about the people I’ve recently met through BJJ.

I’ve seen a lot of articles regarding children and jiu-jitsu, women and self-defense and jiu-jitsu, but I really think it can be boiled down to why ANYONE could and should get on the mats and begin this fabulous journey!

So, here we go!

1. Literally anyone can do Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’m not talking about competing, but if you set your mind to it, you can do it!

2. As far as activities go, it’s relatively cheap and the gain is 1000-fold.

3. It brings people from everywhere and anywhere together: adults and children from all walks of life.

4. You’re immediately part of a community. You’re training partners and teammates become your family. Often times, the people you meet at places like tournaments and seminars will become an extension of that family.

5. Brazilian jiu-jitsu saves lives. Literally.

6. The mats aren’t going anywhere. Regardless of what’s going on in life, they’ll always be there.

7. Participating in an activity where people of all circumstance, age, and gender allows for confidence building, a gain in knowledge, and respect for others.

8. Discipline is required, which then begins to naturally transfer to other parts of life.

9. There is something peaceful about choking people.

10. You’re never alone. Your jiu-jitsu family will always be there for you.

Happy Rolling!



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