AOJ Teen Prodigy Jessa Khan Promoted to Purple Belt

Jessa Khan may not be old enough to legally buy cigarettes, but the World Champion already has an international medal count more impressive than yours. And as of today she’s now a purple belt, having earned the promotion from the Mendes brothers.

Khan most recently blew spectators away as she submitted black belt and IBJJF World Champion Analilya Calzada by armbar at the EBI Strawweights championship on December 9th.

Her previous victories at blue belt include the Asian Games, European Games, Pan Ams, World, and World No-Gi championships. The 17-year-old reportedly trains 2-3 times a day 5 days a week, so if you’re thinking you can catch up to her at the next tournament you’ll literally need to quit your day job.

Congratulations, Jessa!


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