Arnolds 6 Rules For Success

In Jiu Jitsu we often learn so much about life on and off the mats from people who have more experience than ourselves. However people often discredit those who are not from within our niche sport. People sometimes feel that just because somebody doesn’t understand Jiu Jitsu that we can’t learn from them. I recently read “Total Recall” which is a book that details Arnold Schwarzeneggers life. Most people know Arnold from either his body building career or the movies, but he did so much more. He has a famous speech which I enjoy that details his 6 rules for success. I believe these 6 rules can also be applied to Jiu Jitsu and I wanted to explain how.

  • Trust Yourself– Sometimes we seem unsure as to what we should do or how we should behave. Should I compete in this tournament, teach this class, buy this dvd, take a private. The list can go on and on, but the important part is that we don’t second guess our own drive. Trust yourself.
  • Break Some Rules– This is a huge idea. If people had not been breaking the rules the sport would not be where it is today. Inventing new moves, rules and systems all goes against the so called “rules” of BJJ. The most well-known example I can think of is Eddie Bravo. Like him or hate him he changed BJJ forever and definitely broke some rules.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Fail – this one holds a special place in my own mind. We can’t let fear govern our own choices. Don’t let fear stop you from competing, training, teaching or going after some other BJJ venture.
  • Ignore The Naysayers– People like to talk, even within our community. Don’t let others opinions of you sink into your own mind. People will always doubt others who have higher ambitions than themselves, but the key is to ignore them. The only person who has to believe is YOU!
  • Work Like Hell– We all know this one pretty well. You have to show up every day ready to grind, sweat and bleed for this art. You have to really want it. Nothing you plan will work, unless you do.
  • Give Something Back– We have to give back to the BJJ community and I think we do this pretty well. Some ways we can and do give back are starting new academies, helping new students, teaching classes, promoting competitions, promoting charity drives and starting new BJJ companies.


What are your thoughts on these 6 rules ?


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