Three Women Wrestlers Conquer Sexism In India To Get To The Olympics

Sexism isn’t something that only happens in the United States. Female wrestlers in India have to fight sexism to get to the Olympics. The Rio Games are going to welcome three women wrestlers this year. Sakshi Malik, who is one of the three, discussed how difficult it was for her to keep pressing through with her career when she experienced opposition. Malik said that everyone except her coach and family taunted her and tried to discourage her from wrestling. Vinesh Phogat said that she is happy to have the chance to wear her wrestling uniform. The coach said that he knew no difference between mail and female when he coached. He just did what he felt was right and continued to train his extremely talented female wrestlers.

Women often have to go through sexism when they desire to do something that is out of society’s norm. These women are an inspiration to those who do keep pressing on.


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