Ashton Kutcher Takes A Break From Daddy Duties As He Attends Jiu-Jitsu Class

Photo: AKM-GSI

He might be a new father, but that doesn’t mean that Ashton Kutcher’s obligations to the world of martial arts have ended. Featured in dailymail, Ashton Kutcher takes a break from daddy duties as he attends martial art class. Since obtaining his blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kutcher has kept up with training – something that’s obvious to anyone who spotted the thirty-seven year old film and television star when he made his way into The Academy training center in Beverly Hills.

Photo: AKM-GSI
Photo: AKM-GSI

Kutcher’s taken advantage of this style of martial art to work out every muscle in his body, strengthening his core muscles while become more flexible at the same time. Many movie stars have gone out of their way to take up high-impact sports in order to stay fit, but Kutcher seems like he’s taken things a step further than most.

While some might doubt that Kutcher is actually dedicated to the sport, his world-famous instructor isn’t one of them. Rigan Machado, the man who trained Kutcher, will passionately defend the star’s ability to anyone who asks. Indeed, he’s quick to point out that Kutcher’s background in wrestling has made him a great fighter, and Machado believes that Kutcher could easily compete with professionals if given the time.

This day out was a rare moment for Kutcher, who has been rarely seen since the birth of his daughter in October. With his wife and little girl absent, Kutcher looked prepared to spend a day at the gym.


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