Attack The Back! 4 Ways to Take Your Opponent’s Back

The most dominant position to attack your opponent is from their back.
When you have both hooks in or a body triangle, all of your weapons are turned towards your opponent.
They can not see what you are doing and all of their weapons are truned away from you.

The more experienced your opponent, the less likely they are to make a mistake and give you their back.
How can we take the back?

Here Are 4 Ways to Take Your Opponent’s Back

1) Closed Guard Sleeve Drag to Back
Roger Gracie – who is known for his basic bjj game – is known to use this at the highest levels of competition.
Basic? Yes.
Easy to defend? No!
The sleeve drag:

The back climb


2) Leg Drag Guard Pass To Back Take
After to successfully execute the leg drag guard pass your opponent has 2 options:
1) Surrender side control
2) Expose their back
Andre Galvao black belt Tim Sledd shows a slick back take off of the leg drag. Beautiful technique!


3) Back Take From “Giftwrap”
Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Akins shows a crafty way to take the opponent’s back from the “Gift Wrap”.
This back position applies HEAVY pressure to the person on the bottom!


4) Back Take From Side Control
This is my absolute FAVORITE back take against advanced guys!
The opponent exposes the back when they attempt to escape side control. You spin to their back and get the seat belt.

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