Australia Wants Ban Combat Sports Below 18 Years Of Age Including Jiu-Jitsu And Wrestling

The Australian Medical Association recently made a misguided and questionable recommendation. In essence, it wants to ban combat sports below 18 years of age throughout Australia. This includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and even boxing. Representatives of the AMA note that combat sports are violent and dangerous. Likewise, they point to pointless nature of fighting for sport or recreation. Most people seem to be against the AMA’s recommendation, though, and for good reason.

Combat sports encompasses all types of martial arts and related disciplines. However, the term misses the value of learning BJJ, MMA, or even boxing. These sports teach minors how to defend themselves and how to maintain strict discipline. People of all age groups fight and learn complex techniques during that process. Without a doubt, these sports provide a rewarding and life-changing experience for practitioners. The AMA appears to miss that point, and banning combat sports for minors produces more problems than solutions.


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