Babalu Sobral On Chael Sonnen’s Metamoris Performance: ‘He Stalled Too Much’

The Metamoris 6 match between Chael Sonnen and Renato Sobral (Babalu) finished in a draw. According to Renato Sobral Via MMA, the game ended as such because instead of trying to attack or defeat him (Sobral), Sonnen concentrated on blocking attacks from Sobral. Babalu also feels that although he was in an advantageous position, holding Sonnen down, most of the time, he failed to elicit a submission from Sonnen because his (Sonnen) 250-pound weight favoured him.

A decade ago, Babalu had defeated Sonnen by forcing him to submit to a defeat in a triangle choke. However, during the Metamoris 6 match, Sonnen was undefeatable as he stalled on attacks and concentrated on defending himself. Babalu was disappointed by Sonnen’s lack of attack initiative. He (Sobral) reckons that had Sonnen been more active, he (Sobral) would have tapped him.

Chael Sonnen and Babalu had a submission-only match at Metamoris 6. In this Match, fighters focus on defeating their opponents by forcing them (opponents) submit to defeat. Babalu favors this type of matches because he can use any tactic to bring his opponent down to a submission, and not worry about following a particular code of fighting or losing points. Babalu is willing to engage in another submission-only fight in the future.


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