Beneil Dariush Discusses what it takes to transition from BJJ to MMA and his MMA future

Beneil Dariush is one of the most prolific Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts around. He had studied under Bruno Paulista and Romulo Barral, and many regard him to be one of the top grappling prospects that can be found in the entire world. This was before his change in his career focus towards mixed martial arts, though many believe that he still has all of his potential with the MMA. He has quickly climbed the ladder of success in the MMA, and his dedication has allowed him to reach the ultimate promotion in the sport itself, which is the UFC. Here, he will establish himself as a potential lightweight fighter.

Beneil Dariush1

Beneil Dariush was originally born on Mat 6, 1989 and in the Persian parts of Iran. While he was born here, he ended up moving to the United States when he was 9 years old. It was in 2007 that Beneil had decided that he was interested in getting started with jiu jitsu in order to avoid the freshman 15 surge, which had said that college students gain up to 15 pounds during their freshmen year. Learning the martial art ultimately had a major role in keeping him healthy and safe.

Dariush’s first BJJ instructor when he was entering the field was Bruno Paulista. This powerful trainer was one of the top competitors who had partaken in the sport in the South of Brazil. Under the incredible instruction that came from this professional ,he was able to flourish and earn his medal in one of the most important tournaments in the country. Here, he was able to go from his white belt to his brown. Then, after Bruno had suffered from a serious injury, he was taken out from the MMA world for a few years. Since then, he has been working even harder to succeed.


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