Ben Askren Versus Rory MacDonald, Anyone?

It seems that former Bellator Champion “Funky” Ben Askren is about to make his way back to the Bellator cage.

After years of crushing the opposition in Asian mixed martial arts, Askren is thinking about getting his hands dirty in the United States, and the opponent he has in mind is the man holding his previous title, Bellator Welterweight Champion Rory MacDonald.

Rory agreed to a match with Askren after it was suggested to him by someone with the Twitter handle “marco polo.”

Askren predictably doubted MacDonald’s ability to go the distance with him:

Rory politely disagreed…

…and then Ben issued the challenge:

Could we be seeing the return of “Funky” Ben Askren on the American stage. Would he be able to extend his undefeated streak against Rory MacDonald?

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