The Benefits Of Watching Jiu-Jitsu Online Videos

While many people bash online learning like that of the Gracie academy online program, there are many benefits to watching videos. I do not advocate online training as your only source, but watching videos on YouTube, through instructional and online courses can really aid your progress in Jiu-Jitsu. Almost every major athlete now has an Online training program and most are relatively cheap in fact. Most great instructors also have instructional videos out for purchase and we all know there is endless content on youtube. While is it always best to learn directly sometimes there will be things we want to learn that our instructor may not know as well as others and so begins this discussion.

Let’s face it not all instructor are good at the same things. For example if you wanted to learn some great smash passing, but train with an instructor who is more of a guard puller, it may be nice to learn online from guys like Faria. Likewise if you train at a gym with an instructor who is more knowledgeable on the basics and passing, but you want to learn the Berimbolo game it could be cool to watch videos from the Mendes Bros or the Miyao Bros.

Most people also can’t make it to the academy every day. However if you have a buddy and some spare mats then you can go over moves from an online video at home anytime.  This is a great way to still get some training in, even when life seems to get in the way.

Lastly, you can watch videos anytime and study the moves. You could be at work, on a trip or it could even be waiting before class starts. The more you see Jiu-Jitsu the better. You can then go and try to apply what you watched in live rolling at the academy.

Again, I am not advocating every white belt become a youtube warrior, but when applied correctly; watching videos online can be a great supplement to you training schedule.



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