Jake Shields Slaps Aj Agazarm After Polaris 3 Match

Polaris 3 is all about clean and healthy competition against the best that the grappling world has to offer. For the most part, Jiu-jitsu practitioners are paragons of respect and sportsmanlike conduct. However, as with all competitive sports, emotions can suddenly flare. This may have been what happened as Jake Shields slaps Aj Agazarm after Polaris 3 match. Leading up to the fight, there was already a lot of trash-talking going on between the two competitors. After the match (which ended in a draw), AJ’s attempt to shake Shields’ hand was rebuffed. Things got heated and Shields managed to slap AJ before staff rushed in to separated the two fighters.

This guy was talking crap the whole time, gouging my eyes, I just had my eye gouged for the first time in my life my last fight and now you got this prick doing the same thing. He was bragging yesterday, ‘I’m gonna try and make it a draw, I’m gonna try to make it a draw. I know I can’t beat you, but if I can make it a draw I’m gonna consider that a win.’ Well, congratulations A.J. You’re a bitch. How does it feel to be a pussy and get your draw


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