Big Country KOs Bigfoot, Takes Anger Out On Big John

Roy “Big Country” Nelson earned himself a HUGE win over a HUGE opponent tonight at UFC Fight Night 95.

Nelson took on Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the latter’s home country of Brazil.  The 240-plus-pounder chased Bigfoot around the cage, hitting him with huge punches, but Silva returned with some massive leg kicks.

In the second round, Bigfoot looked like he was doing a better job dodging Big Country’s punches, but towards the end of the round, Roy hit his opponent with a perfectly-timed right hand as Silva tried to throw a low kick. Antonio was knocked off his feet and Roy rained down huge punches before referee “Big John” had no choice but to end the fight.

Though no doubt happy with his victory, Nelson took issue with what he saw as the referee’s late stoppage, and kicked John McCarthy while the latter was busy helping Silva.  As Roy clearly demonstrated before the fight and stated afterwards, Antonio Silva is his friend, and he didn’t want to see the 6’4″ Brazilian seriously injured.

In beating Silva, Roy Nelson pushes his MMA record up to 22-13.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original version of his article said Roy Nelson gave John McCarthy a “fake kick.”  After watching the replay, the kick Roy threw definitely made contact with McCarthy; therefore, it was not fake.  Apologies for the mistake. 


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